Raiffeisen Bank International (matka Tatra banky) prave rozposlala takyto interny mail:

Dear colleagues,
Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is neither regulated nor audited by the Financial Market Authority (FMA). There is no possibility to reverse unauthorised or false transactions. The acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment instrument is not ensured, it is in the sole discretion of the individual contractual partner. No legal basis exists, which stipulates a mandatory acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment instrument or reserves the right to exchange Bitcoins into real fiat currencies. The permanent continuance of Bitcoins as a digital exchange and payment instrument is not guaranteed. Because of the anonymity of the users, a criminal misuse (i.e. money laundering, drug trafficking or fraud) cannot be excluded.
The recent incidents related to Bitcoins, when exchange-platforms and the respective balances disappeared from one day to the other, substantiate the general scepticism. Thus we kindly ask you to take notice of the following:
  • Dealings or transactions in the name of RBI related to Bitcoins are prohibited without exception. It is not allowed to mine, purchase or sell Bitcoins.
  • It is forbidden to use or to make the infrastructure of RBI available as a trading platform for Bitcoins.
  • No payments will be executed if they are anyhow related to Bitcoins.
  • For your own safety we recommend all employees to refrain from mining, purchasing or selling Bitcoins.
With kind regards,
RBI Compliance

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