19. júla 2017

Response to Martin Rojko (Bitcoinpit.net)

Are you keeping an eye on current bitcoin code development?
I'm not a developer myself, so I'm trying to identify trustworthy and unbiased individuals with an ability to assess the quality of the code. I then make decisions based on their opinions.

What version of bitcoin do you think will win?
I have little insight into what each camp is capable of doing and what they plan to do in various scenarios that can occur. I prefer UASF/SegWit solution but I'm preparing for any other outcome.

Can there exist more than one version long-term?
Technically it can, of course. However economic viability of two or more bitcoins is questionable long-term.

How can it impact bitcoin ecosystem?
I guess it would be a mix of positive and negative impacts. Positive in that heated "debate" between the two camps would probably finally fade out and each camp could focus on proving their solution in real life. Negative impacts would include general confusion and worsening of bitcoin's perception, price drop/volatility, additional work and resources needed for necessary adjustments and more...

What solution (UASF, Segwit, Segwit2x,...) do you prefer (if any) and why? Or you don't care at all...
I prefer UASF/SegWit and that is what Bitcoin ATM is currently signaling and is prepared to follow after August 1st.

These responses were published on Bitcoinpit.net on 22.7.2017.

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